Hardest Thing to Do…

“The hardest thing to do after loving a bad man is loving a good one.”

being single is not all its cracked up to be… at least for me.

its a hard process to get over a past relationship, forgive yourself for not paying attention to the signs {the first time}, search for the silver lining in darkest of clouds, and get back in the game.

when people have taking advantage of your heart, its not easy to put it back in possible danger…

…you’re cautious as hell, afraid of the unknown, and fearful of making the same mistake again.

opening up to someone new has me all over the place with questions and worry…

is he worthy of my time? will he mistreat me? what does he see in me? can i trust his word? will he like me for plain ol’ me {without my beyonce in}? etc, etc, etc, etc.

its hard to put yourself into new relationship when you’re still feeling the pain from the past…

this guy will have to be patient with this basket case… lol

…this strong independent gal is still a bit fragile…



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